the whyiball™ story (3-minute read)

Howdy, my name is Michael Francis Williams II and I'm the CEO and Founder of whyiball™.  In 2018, I left my traditional 9-5 life working as a Marketing Director to pursue my dreams in entrepreneurship and creativity as a visual storyteller via photography and video.

During my experience away from the corporate world over the past year, I have spent a great deal of time in the Philippines reconnecting with my roots.  In that process, I started the “Ball for Life Project” which was a fundraiser and initiative helping to put basketballs (and all the life skills and dynamics that come with sports) in the hands of underserved youth in the Philippines.  We donated 110 balls to rural and urban communities, impacted the lives of so many kids, and even connected with @hypestreetball – a local sports organization in Manila that emphasizes family, physical activity, and mentorship in the frame of street basketball.

After returning to Los Angeles in January 2019, I came back with so many stories and inspiration which soon formed into @whyiball.  “whyiball™” is a mission-minded apparel and media company geared towards sharing philanthropy, inspiration, and encouragement in the sports, entertainment, and professional industries.  As our tagline “Ask Me” implies, we implore those involved to look inward to discover why they ball, and what ball means to them.  In that way, as we know this undeniable truth, we can always tap into that feeling and purpose necessary to propel us towards what personal fulfillment means to us. 

Love and vibes,
Michael Williams II
Founder @whyiball | @heymikefrancis


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