First time at the Pangos All-American Camp (5-minute read)

Michael Williams (@mikey) skys over Scottie Barnes (@ya.boy.scottie) for a monster slam!

whyiball™ started with community, and after my first experience at the Pangos All-American Camp this past weekend, I found that there is SOOOO much more to the basketball community than I ever could have imagined.  Having just turned 30 years old, I thought I was a grown man - modest in size, but still pretty big.  Next thing you know, I walk into the camp this past June 1st in Norwalk, CA and felt like a small fry 🍟 (ain't talking McDonald's hehe) compared to these high school students - I mean they're still kids for goodness sake.  


Now in its 17th year, the Pangos AA Camp brings together the top high school recruits in the nation giving them an opportunity to play against top players from all over the country, not just their individual states or regions like in high school basketball.  The weekend involved player coaching, training, and culminated with a "Cream of the Crop" game setting the stage for the most elite players to show their stuff.


It was such a great experience seeing this side of the basketball community I had never seen before.  I want to extend the BIGGEST thanks to Arthur Puu (#SPARKFAM) for the wonderful introduction + for wearing his whyiball™ drip 💧(see photo above).  I met some amazing and passionate people, players, and trainers along the way and a few blogs that I look forward to connecting with as we continue to grow and delve deeper into the ball community.  Here are a few photographs from the camp and we hope they find you well!  


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